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The average saving secured for ​our clients is 40%, that can save you hundreds of pounds per year!

"Free Gas + Fixed Price Deals + The Lowest Prices = The Best Deal On The Market" - The benefits of using LPG Price and Advice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the information below, feel free to contact us at and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.

  • How much does it cost to change supplier? - Answer is £0.00 (nothing), you just need to be out of, or nearing the end of your current      supply agreement. Even if you are in agreement register with us and we will contact you back when the time is right.
  • Do I need to change my tank? - Answer is NO you keep your tank and ownership of that tank moves from your current to your new            supplier there is nothing you need to do so long as the tank is up to Codes of Practice and safe. If this is not the case speak to us we        can help and stop you getting trapped in a deal that is not right for you.
  • Do I need to negotiate a new deal? - Answer is NO let us do the nasty work and get you the best deal available, to change supplier all      you would need to do is write to your current supplier and we can even help with that!
  • Is there disruption to my supply? - Answer is NO your new cheaper supplier will continue filling as usual when you are ready.
  • How long does it take to switch suppliers? - Answer is the maximum time allowed for the switch is 28 days unless the tank needs to          be replaced then this can move up to a maximum of 42 days.
  • I have run out in the past can you help? - Answer is YES we can advise fully on all of your local delivery options and specialist                equipment to reduce the likelihood of a run out.

Why use LPG Price and Advice?

  • We understand not only the market place but also the suppliers of LPG. We can help overcome "blockers" and help reduce supplier          leverage obtaining the best deal for you.         
  • We are here to make the LPG market place a fairer and more level playing field for not only new customers but customers that have        been using LPG for years.
  • With our extensive knowledge of the LPG Codes of Practice we can ensure that you understand these rules fully from an                          independent source.     
  • If necessary we can come to your site to perform an independent site audit, please contact us for more details.   

Why use LPG?

More and more homes are turning to LPG from oil, solid fuel and electricity as their preferred fuel choice due to its... 

  • Environmentally friendlier clean burning properties (lowest CO2 emissions of any fossil fuel).
  • Ability to reduce energy bills.
  • Decreased equipment maintenance and life expectancy due to the clean burning nature of LPG.
  • Fixed pricing, low or free of charge installation costs.
  • Maintenance of the tank which is solely the responsibility of the supplier.
  • Ability of the tank to be installed underground.
  • Advantages over electricity (cheaper and less carbon intensive), as indicated by The Energy Saving Trust.
  • Less dirty and odorous properties than oil.
  • Cheaper than electricity.
  • Site security, LPG from a bulk tank cannot be stolen unlike oil and solid fuel.

Do you pass my personal details on to third parties?

  • We only pass your contact details in full to the supplier that returns the most competitive price. We do not pass your details on to any    other third parties.        

Security of supply....

  • We know and understand the logistical centres for not only local but national LPG suppliers and will advise on the best supply solution    for you.        

Can I choose where I site my LPG tank?​

  • Yes but bear in mind the location of your tank is controlled by the LPG Codes of Practice, we offer a full independent advice service        on Codes of Practice. 

Will there be any penalties incurred for leaving my previous supplier?

  • No, not if you are out of, or coming out of agreement. We offer full support and advice on switching suppliers outlining contractual        obligations, equipment and Codes of Practice.​​​​​

Domestic LPG

We will look after you from initial enquiry to first fill.

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Business Users

Business Users

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