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​LPG Price and Advice has helped hundreds of people save an average of £600 each. That’s a lot of reasons to allow us to go to market on your behalf. The service is free so wherever you are in the UK LPG Price and Advice can ensure you get the best deal out there…. Don’t forget we don’t sell you the gas we ensure you get the deal you deserve, however if you are still not fully convinced here are just a few of the recent positive responses we have received from our valued clients :

Malcolm, Midhurst - "I was having difficulty trying to research competitive quotes so I turned to Chris at LPG Price and Advice and was amazed by the savings that Chris generated for me, a reduction of over 34% in price per litre and £250 free gas on my next order. Fantastic and I could so easily simply have renewed my contract missing out on these savings."

Dominic, Vale of Glamorgan - "The whole process was very simple.  One quick email and two days later an offer arrived that would save a massive 42% off my annual bill.  You'd be mad not to try this service!"

Betty, Malvern - "I was very pleased with the service I got from Chris Taylor at LPG Price and Advice. He responded quickly to all my queries and negotiated an extremely good rate and contract for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to switch LPG providers."

Sarah, Loughborough - "An excellent job! Searching for the best deal for LPG gas on Google led me to the website LPG Price and Advice. Having filled in the online enquiry form, I sent it over to Chris who did all the research for me and came back promptly and accurately securing a good deal for us on our next contract. Thoroughly recommend the service – at no cost to the client whatsoever! Well done Chris!"

Roger, Peterborough -"I thought LPG supply was rather a closed shop and that you were stuck with the supplier that owned the storage tank. This turned out not to be the case. With the expert help of Chris from LPG price and advice, change was very easy and I made a considerable saving. I also have a happy wife as the house is much warmer now that heating it is so much cheaper".


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